We are so thrilled to announce the launch of TRW- Excursions. These will be mini workshops that focus on both classroom teaching and live shooting classes with special instructors from around the world. Offering a mixture of business, client expectations, and creative shooting through styled shoots with REAL couples- The Real Workshop Excursions give photographers a unique opportunity to shoot in amazing locations around the country while learning from the area's best while still giving each photographer the heart of what The Real Workshop is all about- tangible business/marketing and creative lessons that directly impact your business.


We will go out into the city and have our meals together. Sharing an Airbnb or hotel room is encouraged and can be arranged in the VIP facebook group. These are not covered in the price of your ticket. 

Photo by : The Hatches with Haley Nord 

Photo by : The Hatches with Haley Nord 

guest speaker - Haley nord

This Stevie Nix of our generation is all the way from Salt Lake City, UT. You'll oooh and ahhh at anything she produces and we are incredibly honored to have the chance to work with Haley. Here's a little about her :

"I grew up in the West Desert of Utah, and my love for that landscape shapes both how I shoot and how I live my personal life. I'm passionate about capturing people in the places that they love, with the people that they love. Whenever I can, I hop on my motorcycle and take in all of the beauty that my home state of Utah has to offer." 

You'll find me wandering- an acoustic tune in my ear, mountain breeze in my hair. 

You'll find me with a heart full of hope that love is our greatest salvation.

You'll find me creating photographs that combine these, my deepest purposes, love and travel. 



Facebook : Haley Nord Photography

Instagram : @haleynord


The Fifth Floor Ogden Venue & Photo Studio
2411 Kiesel Ave #502, Ogden, UT 84401

Our host location for our workshop is filled with natural light galore and tons of incredible spaces that fit every photographer's shooting checklist when it comes to venues. We will have one inside styled shoot within these walls. All of our classes will be held here. It would be a good idea to get a hotel or Airbnb nearby. 

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THe SALT FLATS Live shooting with Haley Nord

Our outside shoot will take place at the infamous Salt Flats. It will be very cold so pack accordingly. There is a large likelihood that there will be snow on the ground. We will stop at other locations along the way that would feature snow capped mountains and other stunning views in the Salt Lake City area. 

Haley Nord will lead us in these shoots.