Be honest with us. In true TRW spirit. 

We can all agree... we're all missing TRW pretty hardcore right now. I know we are. You guys have impacted us just as much as we have impacted you. 

We are deeply humbled by the response we have received already from you in our VIP group and those who have approached us personally and expressed such gratitude and appreciation for the workshop.

We needed that, y'all. 

We planned and stressed for a year almost making sure this workshop was the best thing you guys could have spent your money on this year. We are human, though. We make mistakes and things go off schedule. Just like wedding days. We did our best to maintain flow (at the time, now that we know it a little better we have ideas for adjustment and improvement) and stay on schedule with classes. We have some areas that we saw need attention and improvement and wanted to fill you in on those. We also want you to tell us, STRAIGHT UP, where else we could improve to better The Real Workshop for future dates. 



- Schedule : We got off. Sometimes WAY off to where we had to cut a class or move it around. We are sorry. We did not realize that with all of the classes we wanted to share would take as much time on each subject as it did. We DO have plans to add an extra day next year in order to allot more free time to relax and get out of a stuffy conference room as well as shooting time and more hands on classes instead of presentations. 

- Shooting and Models : We do plan to have more of these but more importantly, better schedules on the time frames of shooting. We needed to give you more time since we were late to the waterfall shoot which also ran with the overflow of scheduling. We are totally working on that as we speak. We also barely scratched the surface on places to shoot at PJ and plan to showcase the property more and give you a chance to explore on your own while you're there. We are focused on bringing in diversity and minority couples (Winnie and Crystal already said to sign them up for coming next year!)  

- Food : We had some mix ups with the vegetarian meals and what was provided for them but we have a better idea of how the catering is going to work for next year. We also heard you when you said you'd like more hot meals. DONE. We will make it happen. Our meal times were a little wonky which lead to some un-organization in their clean up in between meals. We NOW know how they would like to work after talking with Kathy (PJ Coordinator) and will plan better to flow with their workers. 

- Free Time : As mentioned above, we are scheduling an extra day just to spread classes out further and give more free time to the attendees in order to relax, edit any images taken, walk around and get out of conference room. 

- Classes : We will move some of the presentation classes to more hands on classes where you are doing and not just taking notes from a slide. We plan to try and even out the time between presentation classes filled with information and technical points of view and ALSO having hands on classes for some subjects in order to get your creative juices flowing. We are also going to offer an indoor shooting class (annnnd maybe a boudior shoot ;-) ) . Lots of you had mentioned that you wanted to do that so we are going to make that happen. 


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