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We have created such an impactful community here that we are excited about adding new people to our roster of amazing and authentic teachers. Lizz and I have poured and poured our hearts into the roots of this workshop and its meaning, that we are SO thrilled to have found those among our community who share the same passion as we do. 


We have decided to open up applications for teachers this year to give other photographers and videographers the opportunity to  share their passion with you just as Lizz and I have done in the last two years. Applications are open to anyone to apply as well as nominations. SO if there is someone you want to learn from, nominate them! We'll reach out to them :)

We have TWO locations for The Real Workshop in 2019, TRW Excursion : Salt Lake City in January 4-5, 2019 and The Real Workshop - Asheville in July 2019 which will be a 4-5 day workshop, dates TBD.

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trw Excursion : salt lake city

What is TRW Excursion? WELL good thing you asked. We are going to start planning smaller 2 day workshop excursions all over the United States and eventually international. *gasp* How cool, right? Our first excursion will be to Salt Lake City and we will have an indoor styled shoot at a The Fifth Floor Ogden Venue and Photo Studio (2411 Kiesel Ave #502, Ogden, UT 84401) and visit the Salt Flats as well. This will be  smaller than our normal workshop and will have more shooting exercises versus class time. Dates are January 4 - 5 2019.

the real workshop - asheville

We've been at beautiful Petit Jean State Park for the last two years and sadly, we are growing too big for their accommodations. Which makes us excited to be growing but equally as sad because it was our first workshop location! After tons and tons of searching we landed on Asheville for 2019 and have plans to go out west again in 2020. Shoot locations are still being determined but we plan on hitting Craggy Gardens and Pisgah National Park. Dates are TBA but projecting for July 2019.


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