Education is a key to unlocking growth/profit in your business as well as improving your creativity. However, professional education costs money. And for some, their income doesn't afford them the chance to receive that type of education. It is needed but the means are just are not there. 

Emily Hatch and Lizz Hoard, the hosts of this workshop, taught an Introduction to Photography class and have pooled all of the funds from that class (and some of their personal funds as well)  to be able to offer ONE person a $900.00 scholarship to attend The Real Workshop. This person will be responsible for their balance of $300.00. This scholarship ticket will include access to all of the classes and shoots, the VIP facebook group. All meals and lodging are included. 


So how does someone get this ticket? Well, by being nominated. If you know of someone who deserves this ticket - make sure they can attend and then please nominate them in this form. Tell us about them. Tell us why you think they would benefit from this. Tell us what you might know about their situation. You can submit someone anonymously but we do need a contact for the person so we can tell them that they were selected.  To be respectful, the winner will not be announced publicly.


So that transportation/other plans can be made asap by the winner, we hope to make our selection as soon as possible. We will keep this nomination page open till at least March 18th. 

Nominee's Name *
Nominee's Name
You can include any form of contact: email, facebook page, phone #. This will be used to let them know if they were selected.
This is NOT required. You can submit anonymously.
Tell us any and everything. This will help make our final pick.
Please Answer The Following *
Please Answer The Following
This person has expressed that they wanted to come but couldn't afford it
This person has been in business 1-3 years
This person has been in business 3+ years
This person is apart of a one income household
This person is a single mom/dad
This person is willing to learn and change things that aren't working in their business
This person is active in their local photography community
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