More often than not, you find yourself in the middle of shooting (whether it be an engagement, wedding, bridal, etc) and you get.... stuck, bored or overwhelmed. Can't get the harsh light to work with your shadows. That one family member that holds up formals multiple times. Vendors who keep changing your timeline at the last minute. You can't get flash to work with the DJ lights. The list can go on and on.

But back up a moment. You may be thinking those are all good problems to have because you have trouble even getting clients to book with you or email you back the first time you reply to their inquiry.

We hope to help you develop techniques that kick start your creative mindset into overdrive and boost your confidence both behind your computer and behind the camera. We've come up with a list of topics to discuss that we often struggle with day to day in wedding photography- from start to finish. We will have tons of helpful activities and hands-on classes that will allow you to explore new ways to shoot and interact with your clients that will help you create more authentic and emotional images.

Another aspect of this workshop that is so unique is that its taught by real wedding photographers and one videographer who are all reaaaal successful at what they do with real clients. Their clients are actual couples with normal venues and real weather and lighting conditions, so their tips and lessons will all be able to translate very seamlessly over to you and your real clients.

Finally, we wanted to keep this workshop small and personal. So for the best student to teacher experience we are limiting spots to only 50. This also makes it really easy to make some amazing new photographer friends from all over the country. 

By the time you leave this workshop, we hope to have taught you how to.......

  • fine-tune your branding and SEO performance
  • improve the presence of your portfolio online 
  • convert your inquiries to bookings
  • better manage client expectations 
  • boost your confidence while shooting anyone in any location
  • shoot more 'non-posed' with natural movements
  • deal with difficult clients, vendors, and guests respectfully 
  • schedule a wedding timeline
  • handle difficult lighting situations 
  • shoot different techniques of lighting a reception
  • capture different types of 'exit shots' (sparklers, bubbles, flowers, glow sticks, etc)
  • sell prints and albums more efficiently
  • working with videographers on wedding days and vice versa
  • and so much more! 

A note about the location of our workshop: ideally we would have hosted this workshop in a poorly lit church with horrible lighting so you could have applied your freshly learned tips and tricks right away. This just wasn't an option with us trying to keep the workshop cost low and logistics workable. Also, we DO want you to be able to relax some during this workshop and experience life away from the 'busyness' of YOUR real life. Petit Jean does have a waterfall. Yes. And are REAL weddings shot in front of waterfalls? Well, for most of us most of the time, no. We are going to make you shoot in the poorly lit cabins and have all sorts of fun in different harsh light. But the heart of this workshop are the classes and what you will learn during those combined with your hands on time shooting. Think of the waterfalls and cliffs as just icing on the cake and a chance for YOU to have some unwinding R&R time.


Lodging + Food is included. 

Will you join us? :) We'd love to have you!

Let's #BeReal together.


Trust me when we say that we have added A SHIT TON of classes to our ones mentioned above and have class options for those who are more advanced than the beginners. This workshop is for everyone. EVERY. ONE. Whether you are just starting out or you have been in the game for 8 years or more. Check back here later for a list of the classes and who they will be taught by!




 Photo By : Jacob Hatch

Photo By : Jacob Hatch


Here is what some of last year's attendees said about The Real Workshop!

" I walked into this experience not knowing a single person involved. I barely even looked up the leaders/mentors but saw the location (and price!) and decided that this was my moment to invest in me. I am sooo glad that I took that leap. Not only am I reenergized and ready to shoot everything that moves (lol) I feel so much more confident in my work. I used to see other photographers work and be envious. I would think to myself, "If I could only me on that mountain top, or have a couple that looked like that, then I would be just as awesome as they are. I could get published where they do" and on and on. This workshop helped pull me out of that thinking. I am a BAD ASS and am pretty amazing exactly as I am right now. I'm not behind. I'm right where I need to be. That feeling was worth the investment alone."

" I love photography with a passion, but struggle greatly with confidence and social anxiety. I saw someone talking about this workshop and thought it was exactly what I needed, but I didn't have the money to make it happen, which crushed me. I had let it go, when at the last minute, a couple had to back out and offered us their tickets. We had no idea how to afford it until that very day when we got a call from a previous client who wanted to us to film her brother's wedding as a gift, but could only pay (insert EXACT amount needed for TRW tickets)!! I knew it was meant to be and it literally was life-changing. I gained so much knowledge in running and promoting a business, but more than anything, I had one-on-one time with amazing instructors who showed me how to step up my editing game, website, and new shooting techniques. Not only that, but I had the chance to sit with other photographers who struggle with anxiety and talk about ways to overcome my fears. I came home with so much knowledge and confidence, and we completely rocked our next engagement shoot and wedding. I couldn't be more grateful for this opportunity and I am already stoked for next year. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Guys.....This was the best experience of my photography career. I really started this at 16 with my first real film camera. The work I came home with from this workshop gave me (and my mom) that same initial 'AHA' feeling that I got with my first image that told me...'I CAN REALLY DO THIS'. I never felt that a single minute wasn't worth my money. Even when it was about information I already knew, because facing that with more experienced photographers drove the head knowledge to become heart knowledge. I learned completely new skills, and had existing ones completely refined. I left feeling more confirmed as an artist than ever before. i love you guys. I love the interaction. The transparency. I've already got another new home town tog I've been personally mentoring just waiting for 2018 registration to open. You guys ROCK!"

"This experience was mind blowing and life changing for my business. I'm so excited to put everything into practice. This was my first ever workshop and it was absolutely worth the money to me! I loved how hands on and involved the instructors were and how willing to answer any and all questions along with the attendees! Everyone was great and I never felt inexperienced like I was a little worried I would be. With so many amazing photographers in one place it can be overwhelming for some who isn't as established, but I never once felt like that. Everyone was so welcoming and inviting."

 Photo by : Camille Yadron

Photo by : Camille Yadron



"This experience was honestly such a game changer for me. It helped me get over my fear of actually reaching out to some photographers in my area, and answered some pretty basic questions I felt too dumb to ask in a forum. 
I feel like the connections and friendships I made were just as important as the business and shooting aspects as well. My heart is full, and I'm so thankful for everyone who pulled this together!

Count me in for next year."

" The Real Workshop has a tender spot in my heart. I couldn't have imagined a room full of more raw , welcoming , no judgement , un edited group of people . My experience was truly amazing and one for the books . I cannot wait until next year!"