Meet the team behind the heart and soul of this workshop. One group of empowered women who focus on being the best they can be for their clients and peers around them. Its all about community here.  There are 6 phenomenal photographers and 2 amazing videographers who have taken time out of their schedule to be apart of this. Check them out below, but we want to get to know YOU, too!


Lizz hoard

is a Tennessee based wedding photographer who believes that love is passionate, enduring, upsetting and messy and it should be captured in it's true, unhindered form. Her photography focuses on bringing out the beauty in imperfection & she won't turn anyone away because they aren't hip enough or their venue isn't cool enough. She is probably one of the few photographers in history who has been told they should go jump off a building and die because of their work. (Ask about it. It's a good story.) When she was 15 she added an extra 'z' to her name, Lizz, because of a riddle and kept it ever since. (Also ask about that. Its a good riddle.) Coming in at 5'10'', Elizabeth looks forward to being the tallest - and coolest - teacher at the workshop


Emily hatch

 is the owner of  The Hatches with her bearded beau, Jacob and is based in Tennessee, with hopes to stretch out to Utah. She didn't get a camera for Christmas one year , just ask for her childhood pictures. She was practically born with one sewn to her face. She tells stories, creates emotion, chases light and is usually in bed by 9pm.  While she tends to focus more on emotion and connection, she also has a gold mine of corny jokes inherited from her dad to keep you laughing.  Emily is notorious for misunderstanding song lyrics and Jacob never lets her forget it. (my lyrics sounds better anyway) Our passion for documenting emotion distinctly outweighs planned Pinterest poses, burlap or mason jars. But let's be honest.... I just do it for the cake.


Laura K. Allen 

 is a Nashville based wedding photographer that couldn't decide if she liked "moody & dramatic" or "light and airy" so she combined the editing styles and coined the term "moight and drairy" (it'll catch on). She's a big fan of the 85mm, challenging lighting situations, and prefers to waste her time watching hilarious cat videos on YouTube. She lost the 4th grade spelling bee by misspelling the word BUSINESS, so, there's that. After a long, amazing wedding day, she ends her night with a glass of wine and a shot of vodka, like a boss.



I was born and raised in Illinois and moved to the great southern state of Tennessee.  I make my bed in Knoxville, but I love to travel all over East Tennessee. I consider myself a walking contradiction; a Type A personality with a creative streak, a yankee who says fixin', and a lover of comedy who couldn't tell a punch-line to save her soul.  My days are spent making simple and fun photos, and spending time with my husband and baby girl. I am blessed that my art allows me to meet new couples every day.


korina moore

 is a wedding photographer based out of Austin, Texas who despite popular stereotypes, has never ridden a horse before.  She thrives on making genuine connections with REAL people and telling their REAL stories, backed by the idea that we have a greater legacy to fulfill in this industry than blogging the "good ones". She's significantly motivated by baked sweets and the dare of you to underestimate her because of her age. (Ain't nobody got time for ageists - and yes, she likes to make up words, too.)  She doesn't believe in zoom lenses during ceremonies and she'll probably attempt to sway you on this as well. She speaks in warm hugs, inappropriate puns and will be providing whiskey floats.


kate anthony

 is also a Nashville-based wedding photographer. After several years of shooting for peanuts for local newspapers, she found the light in wedding photography. Applying her photojournalism background to wedding coverage means that her 35mm rarely leaves her camera body and she will leave you hanging mid sentence to grab a shot of whatever fleeting moment is happening. 


kaila & jay

Kaila is a graduate from Syracuse University with a degree in Filmmaking who met the love of her life, Jay, filming his music video. Thank you, Twitter. You will often find them snuggled up with their blue eyed babes (some of you refer to them as cats) on the couch binging their latest Netflix tv show obsession. Kaila is a firm believer in romanticism and that bleeds into their work.  This soon to be husband and wife duo thrive off authentic moments that will leave you pressing rewind over and over again. And Taco Tuesday. Even though you should have tacos everyday.