From the people who brought you junebug's best wedding workshops of 2018

the real workshop is offering an introduction to photography class + live shoot to help you love your camera.


Emily Hatch and Lizz Hoard are offering an introductory class for those who recently got a camera ( or have had one for a little bit) and are struggling to really understand the settings or how to capture those timeless moments. 

Join us at McAlister's Deli in Olive Branch, MS from 10:30AM - 1:00PM on Saturday February 10th, 2018.

Leaving this class you should gain a better understanding of how light works, how your camera sees that light, and how to use your settings on your camera to manipulate that light to best capture people. You should walk away with more knowledge of how to shoot in manual while following foundational shooting rules to make sure your images aren't fuzzy or missed focus. You also will have a hands on practice to use those newly learned skills on a model that the instructors have provided for you.

PRICE - $175.00

$75.00 deposit is required to reserve your attendance and the $100.00 remaining balance is due when you arrive to the class. Lunch will not be provided but snacks and drinks will and you are more than welcome to order something to eat while we are there. 


The Location :

McAlister's Deli 

8120 Camp Creek Blvd
Olive Branch, MS 38654



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